Blackhill Club

Blackhill Comrades Club, Social Club & Function Room Hire serving Consett & Derwentside

Welcome to Blackhill Comrades Club.

Established in 1940 we provide a warm and friendly atmosphere to clients throughout Consett. Blackhill Club is a brilliant place to enjoy yourself with friends or family with quality drinks and affordable function room hire available for all occasions.

With deep roots in the community of Blackhill & Consett and a strong local heritage, we provide regular activities for members and guests throughout the week.

Blackhill Club also offers an affordable in house catering service and provides food for it's members and guests, offering a weekly Luncheon Club and Community Meal. 


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Memebership is at the heart of Blackhill Club. We are a business formed by members, that runs for the benefit of our members and is owned by the members. We are not for profit and all profits we make go back into the club to keep it running and cover our maintainence costs. We need members to keep running and our members build our buisness and make sure Blackhill Comrades Club can operate for future generations.

As a member of Blackhill Club you promise to adhere to our mutally agreed rules, and in exchange have the opportunity to have a say as to how we run and about important busness decisions. We also provide perks and benefits to becoming a member.

Membership Benefits

Become a member of Blackhill Club and receive the following benefits:

  • A unique Membership Card.
  • Discount on drinks in the bar or at events.
  • £10 off Room Hire fees.
  • 5% off our Catering services.
  • The option to pre-load your card with credit so you never spend over budget.
  • Early Bird event ticket offers.
  • A vote at our Annual General Meeting or any Special Meetings.
  • One share in Blackhill Comrades Club

To become a member of Blackhill Club, you need to complete a form and be proposed and seconded by two existing club members (who have been members for at least 6 months). Once we have received your form your application will be reviewed by our management committee and your details displayed on our member notice board for two weeks. Any club member is able to object in this time frame, if no objections are received your application to become a member and you must pay your membership fees.

Download your Membership Application Form here

Initial membership costs are £12 for a starter pack, this includes your personal membership card, rule book, associate card and pass card to allow access to other C.I.U. clubs and a single share in Blackhill Club.  Ongoing membership after your first year is only £2 and is payable every Januray.